All about me!

Karen Ives
Textile Artist, Designer and Maker

I am a textile artist and member of 02Textiles, an exhibiting textile group. I enjoy teaching and sharing my ideas. There is nothing more rewarding than inspiring others to feel the way I do about the creative process. Creativity is essential for my existence; I absorb ideas and inspirations constantly.

Recently I have been working with a combination of fabric and paper, collaging layers together as a basis for stitch.My style is heavily influenced by vintage fabrics, lace and distressing techniques.


  1. hi Karen,I'm doing textiles gcse. in my most recent class we were given the choice of 3 textiles artists to research about and create our own pieces based on there work. the artist I chose just happened to be you and as well as doing my own research I was wondering if you could possible give me any background information on yourself to help with my work.
    I would really appreciate it thanks, Eva x

  2. Hi, I am happy to answer any questions. Perhaps you could message me through my Facebook page, the link is in the sidebar.


Hello and welcome to my blog! I hope you like the things I make and follow me on my creative journey. I would love to hear from you if you stopped by, so if you have time please say hi.
Love Karen