Friday, 14 June 2019

New Blog Site

Hello followers,

If you have found me today I have now moved my blog over to my website Frayed Round the Edges


This is partly due to the changes Google have made which means I need to find a different platform and partly so I can keep everything under one 'roof'.

I hope you will continue to follow my new blog as there will be lots of pretty things happening

Love Karen x

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

What's on your work desk Wednesday 483

Desk time again .....

So things have been a little chaotic as I am trying to finish the last few things off before the exhibition.

My sewing machine has been side lined for a few days.

and fairy production is in full swing.......

I managed to complete 20, they are made from wrapped wire and dressed mainly in vintage textiles.

I also finished the last few stitched brooches.

This is the last of the work for the exhibition at RHS Hyde Hall in Chelmsford. I am so looking forward to it this year as they have built a stunning new gallery.

If you would like to see more of my work please visit my website 

and if you would like to see more creative desks then hop over to Stamping Ground

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Whats on your Work desk Wednesday 482

Wednesday again and a little look at my desk in all it's glory!
So this week so far there has been a lot of things accumulating on my desk that I haven't got round to doing.

So there is a lovely antique bit of lace,a dyed colour catcher sheet, some lovely yarn I want to crochet something with and some brooches being mounted onto backing cards.

Thought you might like a close up of the threads.........

And the brooches......
not sure why I couldn't get a good photo of these... reflects the gloomy day outside!

So the reason I am showing my desk is that I take part in a brilliant blog hop posted by Julia At Stamping Ground. Well worth a visit.

If you have time please take a look at my website where you will find lots of lovely stitched textiles.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday 481

Back for another round of blog hopping hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground.

I confess I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks. Sometimes it all gets too hectic to fit everything in. I have still been creative in between and done lots of sewing and taught a few classes.

Here is my desk today, not much activity as I went to the park instead!

So you can see a pile of fabric waiting to be made into some holiday clothes and a sand bag (don't ask!). There is a new book on the left , I am hoping to have some time to get messy with paint. At the back is a box of stitched cards I have been working on.

50 all together

and this is partly the reason why I have been busy, my new Granddaughter Freya. Proof here that you can mind the baby and do some sewing.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Whats on your work desk Wednesday 478

Back on the Wednesday desk tour hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground.

So here is my desk this week.....

It doesn't look much different to last week as I have been continuing to make some summer clothes and have made myself two pairs of wide legged trousers.

You can see to the right some more notebooks having pretty covers glues to them and one of my many jars of bits. Everything has a use eventually!

I had some questions about this sewing machine it is one that is designed to cope with thicker fabrics and it certainly feels like it has a stronger motor. This is a basic machine but I think they do a fancier version. It seems to be my workhorse at the moment.

I am still stitchinh for the exhibition so most things are still secret, but here are some cards and folios I will have for sale.

hope to get round to see you all later

Have a great Wednesday!

link to exhibition

link to 02 Textiles

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday 477

Here we are on this weeks blog hop where we let everyone see the chaos on our workdesks. This weekly event is hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground. So if you follow the link you can visit many other desks as messy as mine!

So I was actually absent from last weeks hop as we had a new arrival in the family.......

so cuddles with Freya took place of any work.......
so here is my desk, I am in the middle of sewing some trousers.

 there is a little stack of fabric waiting to be made into dresses and shorts, like these, hopefully today.

and I have been carrying on with my embroidery as the date for the exhibition is fast approaching!

look forward to visiting all the blogs this evening :-)

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Whants on your Workdesk Wednesday 475

Wednesday again and another chance to look around and see what other people are making. Take a look at Julia's blog Stamping Ground where you can view creative blogs form around the world.

So my desk was a bit neglected and more of a dumping ground this week!

So there is a new sewing machine which I bought second hand and needs to be trialled. It seems happy to join the other two already on my desk! I have multiple machines for students to use in my workshops.
There are some woodblocks which I am going to use to print on a bag today (hopefully) and some children's play mats which make a great surface to do this on. You can just see on the right hand side some yellow fabric which I have dyed for this. I can also see a little stitched project hiding so you may need to zoom in!
There is a little pile of notebooks purchased from Flying Tiger which are going to have pretty new covers. Below is a photo of some I made for my Grandson as teacher gifts. The pictures are image transfer onto cotton fabric. The original design was a paper collage I did a few years ago.
and below is a picture to show that there is often messy activity too!
Hope you all have a great creative week and I hope to visit some desks this evening. But first I haver a bag to make!