Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What's on your workdesk Wednesday? week 201

I am amazed that we are back to Wednesday again and sharing our creative spaces around the world again. Do pop over to Stamping Ground and take a trip around all the desks (click here).

I had so many comments on my huge box of lace last week (yes, it is one of my many must have collections!) I decided to be brave and unveil some more of my space. Sorry to the messy folk but I do have to keep all my stash organised as I work in the dining room and sometimes the little folk get at things if they are not put away.

Here is my desk this week, I was still working on the Wedding Album until last night and have completed 25 pages. I have now tidied everything away ready for a fresh start and a new project. I have been watching the Sewing Bee on BBC2 and am inspired to get my machine out today.....maybe......or.....

You can see the remains of the papers and photographs for the last page. To the left I have lots hidden in here, I do love little drawers!
And behind me all in these boxes
Finally Sharing with you the last page in the album, Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Love your scrap page, fab photos and LO.
    Super storage too. There is something about draws
    just being able to hide things away :)
    Happy WOYWW Heather #73

  2. Your page turned out lovely! Love all your storage (lots of fun draws, and buckets!!) I don't think we can ever have enough! Enjoy the week! Winnie#76

  3. Love your storage draws and boxs !!!!
    Your layout is very romantic
    Jackie 3

  4. Love your page!!
    Tidy space is good - wish I could hvae it more often but I forget where I've put things when I'm super tidy!
    I've been watching the Sewing Bee too - just had to laugh at the men not managing to sew a fly properly!! My sewing machine's been out for the last few weeks and paper's taken a back seat - beware, it's addictive!!
    Happy WOYWW

  5. What a pretty page! I love your neatly organized space. Mine is in constant disarray, it seems...
    Happy Wednesday!
    - Zildara #113

  6. What a lovely room! I have to stay organized in my craft room too or I can't find anything and that is a majot crafty buzz-kill;) Happy WOYWW Lindsay #93

  7. your craft space seems to be perfectly lit - and beautifully organized! can i come and play??
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 4

  8. The scrap page is fab and I'm loving all your storage! Happy WOYWW. Pam#23

  9. Look At all those boxes filled with fun things it's so organized lots to play with fab l/o too :) hugs Nikki #2

  10. Looking so creative yet tidy ! Thanks for visiting ! Ali '15

  11. I think your storage is fantastic ....I'd kill for the chest of drawers like that. Love the LO can feel the love.#71

  12. Aw lovely wedding page and those drawers are to die for. Thanks for visiting me today BJ#20

  13. I love your storeage, I have a thing about boxes and drawers too. your page turned out very pretty, is it you if so ypu both look very happy.
    thanks for sharing. the stash diary is more about remembering what i have than how much i spend hehe
    janet #25

  14. No, it is my brother and sister in law on their wedding day in December.

  15. Hi Karen, Nothing wrong with having a tidy desk. I like to start with a tidy desk, but then it could be downhill all the way until I've finished a project. And I do get all antsy if it gets too messy. Love all your little drawers - can imagine there's lots of lovely crafty stuff stashed away inside them.

    I've been following the Sewing Bee programme too - recorded last one only to find that the last few minutes were missing!?!? Disaster. Had to phone a friend to find out which two were asked to leave :)

    Your last layout is gorgeous - the title says it all really. Have a wonderful week crafting, Elizabeth x #41

  16. I have a thing about useful boxes, I wonder if they have a fan club! love the cupboard! Have a great crafty Week!! HaPPy WoYwW!

    ((Lyn)) #24

  17. Lovely layout! I have now had a glass of wine and I am still trying to visit everyone so my message may be incoherent lol! jenx 129

  18. Wonderful layout! I love your dresser...all those drawers must be a treat.Thanks for visiting earlier...You asked what was in my jars...well...

    I have 30 large jars and in the second layer about 20ish med and 19 fancy little tops that sit on top. Unfortunately they were discontinued as I was gradually buying 30 of each!
    At the moment I have teensy flowers in the top row (fancy ones) and med flowers or twine or jute in the med ones.
    The bottom ones are a mixture that I am trying to change over as I have time. I want them to eventually just hold lace, lace flowers by the yard, ruched ribbons, gathered ribbon etc, with a few earmarked for large collections of largish flowers like the purple one I stickled for the purple card.
    Sadly there are still several that hold ribbon that I have rolled with a ribbon roller system and held in the roll by a horse mane braiding elastic. I am slowly switching those all over to ribbon tags and then I have them hung by colours behind the door to the closet under my stairs. That door is in my scraproom. It took roll all that ribbon but the elastic leaves an indent and as I go to crops, I don't have access to an iron there. Also you can't see the pattern or words etc when it is rolled so tight.
    Scrappymo #30

  19. Ah! Love all your pretty organization!!! Gorgeous layout too!

    Jeannie #32

  20. You have everything so organized and tidy! Your space is really nice!

  21. Lovely to see how clean and tidy you are we have a chest similar to that one of yours but it isn't for crafting (believe it or not it holds the Christmas tree decorations - yes, we have so many). So I cannot steal it can I. Not got room anyway as my craft room is tiny. Thanks for the peek and the LO is gorgeous.
    Thanks also for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet number 16 xx

  22. So organised indeed. I have to work on the former dining table as well.... Former... because after I started my art education, we haven't had dinner there ;)

    Uniflame - #64

  23. I love your little drawers too, I wish I could fit them in my craft room.

    Cazzy x #114

  24. What gorgeous lo. Absolutely love those drawers.
    Sandra @27

  25. Very nice to craft in! Love all the boxes, I mean love em!, as I keep my Nesties and embossing folders in these really useful boxes. Happy WOYWW! Nan #9

  26. Lovely page you've made! And I love all your little boxes and such, so organized!!
    Sorry I am so late with this comment. I just found your comment in my spam folder!
    xxDaniella#90 (this week)

  27. RUBs - yes - they really are, aren't they? Fantastic things, can never have too many of them. Like the layout - looks great.
    Margaret (glitterandglue #143)

  28. G'day Karen
    I've resigned myself to the fact that I shall ever be running late to get to others blogs due to my work but here I am. Oh gorgeous wedding page and love love the storage boxes and wooden draws!!
    Annette In Oz #109


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