Book Hedgehog Tutorial

Book Hedgehog Tutorial

You will need

Small thin books (e.g. Mills and Boon)
Bone folder
Brown ink pad
Buttons or pennies

Work your way through the book folding all the pages in half lengthwise keeping the folds even. This will get harder as you get past halfway and some bulldog clips will help here.
Next fold over the corner on every page as you would on a paper aeroplane. Keep the folds even to the one before.

Fold the covers in the same way, first lengthwise, then the corner. These are folded inwards to hide the workings. Make the creases sharp with the bone folder.

Use a brown ink pad to rub across the folded edged to darken the Hedgehog. Add eyes and a nose with buttons or pennies and strong glue. I use a glue gun for this.

They are great for keeping by the phone or on your desk to store notes or business cards.


  1. Love it! Am definitely going to make one. If it was a longer book (long and narrow - think DL) it could look like a pencil.
    Neet xx

  2. Love him.Do you have a picture to explain the aeroplane fold please?


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