Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Cottage Ripple Blanket ......drum roll......!

I am so excited I couldn't wait to write this post, my blanket is finished and it is gorgeous! So often I am not that in love with a project when I have finished but this one is the exception.



Technically, according to the pattern and wool I have left I have not finished and am actually slightly over half way. But as I wanted this as sofa blanket and it now covers my largest sofa I decided to call it done. Another factor in this decision was that my daughter also loved the colours and asked me to make a baby blanket for my third Grandchild due this summer. I still have plenty of wool left over for this, but I may embark on a different stich. Watch this space!

Although there is joy in completion it is tinged with sadness and  I worked the last row with tears in my eyes. I had received the news that a dear friend had passed away after a sudden illness. The blanket will always remind me of her, as seeing me crochet had inspired her to revisit the craft and she had started a blanket of her own.

Sweet dreams lovely lady.x

Attic 24 Cottage Ripple Blanket

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