Wednesday, 20 February 2013


If you haven't realised by now that I am terrified of drawing, drawing people and faces is the worst fear of all. It is right up there with spiders, heights and sheds (spiders live in sheds you see!)

Imagine my delight that the next chapter is on people. I considered the possibility of blogging about something else and even skipping the chapter altogether (who would know?). So I am very bravely going to show you some pictures.

Now really I should have been sitting in a coffee shop doing these lovely little sketches of random strangers. This would be too much for my fragile nerves, so I sketched some faces from a magazine; they were beautiful models (sorry!)

These were done with my non dominant (left) hand; this really tests your concentration and makes you look at the subject really hard. Much as I don't think they are amazing, I won't repeat them with my good hand in case they are worse!

Stick with me....I might get better....


  1. Well, I think they're excellent Karen. a million times better than I could ever manage with my right hand. Well done for some great sketches and an even bigger well done for being brave enough to show them :) Kerry

    1. Thanks Kerry
      I think this might get a whole lot worse when I get to the Old Masters chapter!

  2. Karen - I love it when you try something new because I know you will pass it on to me!! You are an inspiration for my very limited talent. xx


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