Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bird Sketchbook

I have not had time for another play date on my sketchbook journey as have been spending time in the kitchen with Sugar and Ice Cakes (pictures to follow).

So sharing with you some designs from my Bird Sketchbook, all start with a collage background which gives a lovely surface to draw onto. I usually collage with thin paper scraps, paper napkins, and printed text papers from old books. I prefer to use matt medium as an adhesive and water this down half and half. They key is to start on a sheet of plastic and be very generous sloshing on the adhesive so it will be quite wet. I will share with you a tutorial on this soon!

Off to OTT (02 Textiles) today to do some planning for our next exhibition!
Click on the link to see our work and where we will be.

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