Monday, 25 March 2013

Wishy Washi World

I have had so much fun playing with Washi tape.........well I am a bit addicted to all the pretty patterns you can get.

I started by following some ideas by Carla Sonheim where you randomly lay down strips of tape without  a plan and then see what images you can produce. So here are some of my birds and something that sort of looks like a dog.


This got me thinking and I knew I wanted to make the skirt of a dancer out of tape....
and welcome to Washi Town
a little more precise, but it is really easy to trim back the tape with light use of a craft knife.


  1. Your birds are beautiful! I've never thought of using washi in this way. Fun!

    1. Thank you, have a look at Carla Sonheim, she has great ideas.


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