Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pesky embellishments!

Right, now I have to stop travelling around blog land looking at all the lovely things and do some work of my own.

This is the continuation of the clay embellishments I have been making. I have to say part way through the day yesterday they became the enemy and nearly went in the bin! I painted, working the paint into all the detail. I then coloured some with Treasure Gold and on some I used my oil pastels to bring out the detail. They still didn't have the wow factor and looked more like children's fridge magnets than lush vintage treasure. Now my nails are wrecked and my hands feel like clay too.

Then I delved into a pot of copper mica powder and some magic happened...........Look......

Doing a happy dance............
Going to do some durability tests and coat with some varnish, they seem fairly tough. I feel an encrusted canvas coming on.
 But first I have a wedding album to do.


  1. Beautiful clay embellishments Karen, little jewels! Thank you for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment!xx

  2. Wow! These are just beautiful! I have never worked with clay and am fascinated by these. They look so intricate! Thanks for the kind comment and for letting me know about your Vagabond experience, and if this one breaks, I will look into a bigshot. Have a bad wrist so this button thing saves me when I am working alot. I have a Cuttlebug and it works fine, but after awhile, I am screaming. Have a Happy Easter! Winnie#78

    1. Hey Winnie. Have you or anyone else looked into the Embosser? I saw it on HSN the other night and think I might give it a serious look. It's all electric, self-feed. Is suppose to accommodate ALL the dies and folders. If you're familiar with it, I'm looking for reviews and opinions.

  3. Oh My! Karen these turned out gorgeous! I look forward to your projects!


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